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Adlantic launch international expansion service

ADLANTIC, the Glasgow based performance marketing and data insights company, today launched a new solution to empower SME businesses struggling with the impact of Brexit. The service provides SMEs with international data and insights into potential new markets, helping them discover new opportunities (suppliers, partners, customers), forecast international sales growth, and build a plan to get there.

The service, described internally as #BuckBrexit, will crucially help SMEs find and forecast international opportunities for sales growth before a penny is invested in sales and marketing, or indeed building a physical presence in the new territory. The new service is the first phase of ADLANTIC’s technology roadmap, which aims to make market planning both here in the UK and abroad easier for SMEs looking to grow internationally and buck the sluggish impact that Brexit is having on the UK economy.

Alison McHugh, Director of ADLANTIC, said:

Alison McHugh PPC Analyst

“Right now, businesses in the UK are stumbling and hesitating. That’s understandable given the political climate and looming uncertainty of Brexit. The key purpose of ADLANTIC, as of today, is to bring businesses out of the glare of the Brexit headlines, and help them focus on growing sales. Data modelling, as opposed to committing actual expenditure, is clearly the most efficient way for UK SMEs to plan their future.”

Alison McHugh

ADLANTIC’s service uses multiple datasets from sources including Google, leading Social Media platforms, and government sources, allowing ‘market attractiveness’ to be analysed and forecast. Through data ADLANTIC aims to help businesses more accurately forecast return on investment for each product or service, in each new territory.

John McHugh, co-Founder of ADLANTIC, said:

“Finding new market opportunities is in our DNA. We see it as our responsibility to make sure Brexit does not continue to bulldoze business plans for growth. We are dedicated to giving ambitious businesses the insights and tools they need to take their products or services to new audiences across the globe.

In the last year Adlantic have brought significant multinational sales back to Technology focussed SMEs in Scotland, and we’ve developed ‘on the ground’ partnerships in the ASEAN region to help SMEs move from testing their markets to fully committing. Brexit has determined the UK must become an export nation once again and we’re excited to be helping UK SMEs forecast, select, and implement marketing strategies in international territories to help them convert forecasts into reality.”

Alison McHugh, said:

“We’re excited to be focussing solely on what we do best: finding new international markets of customers, which we can then help our client’s to convert profitably, using conversion focussed Ad platforms and Adlantic’s proven conversion methodologies.”

ADLANTIC’s Pay Per Click service provides best practice PPC management for Google Ads, Bing and social channels to increase sales and reduce average cost per acquisition in the clients target locations. ADLANTIC’s Conversion Rate Optimisation service helps convert more site visitors into leads, and improves the buying journey for every customer or prospect. ADLANTIC’s Lead Nurturing service supports sales team by responding rapidly to all enquiries and inbound leads regardless of timezone or language. Our contact and lead management tools and expertise ensures that potential sales do not slip through the cracks, but rather fill up our clients sales pipeline.

Google Chrome

This week Google implemented a new standard for ad filtering across the globe to match the existing standards in North America and Europe.

What does that mean?

Well, Google is essentially trying to improve the user experience on Chrome by blocking what it calls “intrusive” ads. For consumers, that will mean a smoother browsing experience with fewer pop ups and sticky ads.

How does this impact my marketing?

Most North American and European publisher sites pass the Better Ad Standards test, so the impact on users and publisher ad revenues has been minimal.

However, in other markets, such as Asia, consumer ad blocking is currently highest in the world — 50% according to a survey by Global Web Index.

For the majority of marketers, nothing will actually change. If the ads you create and publish are respectful already, then there won’t be any issues. However, if you use ads which – for example – auto-play or pop-up; flash or cover the entire screen, then you’ll find yourself in hot water with the Google bots.

What ads does Google frown upon?

Google has been working alongside the Coalition for Better Ads to define what constitutes an advertisement which is annoying or overly intrusive.

Below you can see some desktop and mobile examples of the type of ads Google frowns upon.

Source: Coalition For Better Ads

Given Google Chrome has 64% global market share, adhering to these standards is vital for marketers that want to make themselves known online.

We recommend you review any ads you have running to ensure they comply with Google’s new guidelines, and adjust them accordingly.

The bottom line. Use best practces and create ads your customers will enjoy seeing. They’ll benefit from a better user experience and a better interaction with your brand, while you will benefit from higher click through rates.

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