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Insta Stories Update

One of the biggest shocks to the social media system of the last few years is the emergence of Instagram Stories.

Instagram’s attempt to snaffle Snapchat users was launched in August 2016, and now sees more than 500 million daily active users. That’s an insane amount of growth!

Understandably, brands and marketers are keen to capitalise on that captive audience. Now, Instagram has made our job just that little bit easier with the reported introduction of a new feature.

Once the update is rolled out (no news on when that is yet), any footage captured by your instastories camera will automatically be stored away and saved for seven days.

That’s brilliant news for anyone who takes a stunning snap but only comes up with the ideal caption a few days later. Previously, if you didn’t use the media right away, it was lost forever. Now, you can load it up and rework it over and over until your perfect story is ready to unleash on the world.

Benefits For Instagram Marketing

For us, there are loads of possible benefits attached to this new feature.

At Adlantic, we offer live social media coverage of events to clients. Usually, we would manually save all the Instagram Story content we capture on the day (and there tends to be a lot!) to use in later highlight or throwback posts.

With the introduction of this update, the manual work is done for us. We will be able to open up Instagram and post new highlights with ease.

Any content marketers looking to boost the reach of old blogs will also benefit from the feature. You can very quickly and easily access promo footage and reuse it to direct your audience to your website.

An App In Transition

Instagram is part of the Facebook family. The parent brand is not the powerhouse it used to be for marketers, but as influencer culture becomes more prominent, so is the relevance of Instagram to brands.

That matters to those in marketing because it means Facebook is spending more time and resources on Instagram. New features are always in the pipeline, making the photo sharing app a platform constantly in transition.

Where that transition will lead to is uncertain. We could end up with a saturated, clunky platform like Facebook; or an agile and innovative space which clever marketers can use to incredible effect.

Whatever the outcome, we at Adlantic are always searching for the best tricks and tips to improve the way we use Instagram for our clients.

For more news on when the feature goes live, make sure you follow us on Instagram at @theadlantic, and sign up for our marketing updates newsletter.

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